Look around you and you’ll see traces of communication everywhere. A discarded newspaper on the ground, a flyer, the sound of a nearby radio or tv station. News is everywhere in Dieburg.  In our workshop participants will use the materials of their every day life to fabricate paper, edit, broadcast and even code. By doing so, they “publish” their own news. What could this newspaper simulator look like?
We want to explore the beauty of encounter through touch, but there are different kinds of touch and we particularly opted for aggression as a form of expression. Participants will be given a piece of tile and will be asked to break or smash it with a small hammer, to incorporate perspective we can tell them to shatter the tile as harshly as possible without telling them the end goal. This workshop is inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which allows one to see the beauty in broken things.
There will be several QR codes hanging in light stands and guests will scan one of them using an IPad, which will be placed in a nest inside an aquarium. The QR code will lead to a web page with an image/video/audio about a theme related to Dieburg. The user will be asked to guess what their selected theme is and share a personal story, both of which will be filmed and published on Instagram. Everything will be filmed by a fixed camera as well.